So, Why Us Glance Tours & Treks?

Why Us ! Glance Tours and Treks the best option for you? We are a trekking company approved for all hikes and tourism-related activities by the Ministry of Tourism.

Who we are? And why book the trip with Glance Tours & Treks (GTT)?

We are a collection of young, enthusiastic, skilled, educated individuals with a wealth of travel industry knowledge.

Affordable Prices for a High-Quality Service

We can offer you a substantially lower pricing for the same tour found elsewhere because Glance Tours & Treks is a local trek operator with little overhead.

Worth the Money

Worth the Money With the help of our partners’ preferred rates (hotels, lodges, and transportation), Glance Tours & Treks (GTT) is able to provide very affordable rates without sacrificing quality.

Rapid response

We won’t keep you waiting for too long. Whenever a client has a question, Glance Tours And Treks is prepared to respond.

Flexible schedule

Our excursions may be tailored to meet your specific needs so you can create the ideal Himalayan getaway. To suit your demands, you may modify the trip’s schedule in numerous ways as well as expand or reduce it.

Team of Professionals

We prioritize enthusiasm, dependability, energy, and professionalism in our selection process. So that our team members can plan the trip precisely and treat everyone with care, they can guarantee a successful vacation.

Information and expertise

You may select one-of-a-kind packages for a complete discovery with Glance Tours and Treks. The vacation itineraries are meticulously planned.

Excellent direction

Our Trek guides are quite knowledgeable about the locations. They enable you to become familiar with the hiking areas and the locals’ culture.

As you desire, Hike

You’ll always be surrounded by others who share your interests whether you’re traveling alone, with two, or in a small group with us. Enjoy learning about different customs and civilizations, and enjoy sharing new experiences with others.

Excellent Client Retention

Customers who have already traveled with us may confirm to the excellent level of client satisfaction. The assessment forms that are later provided to us can serve as evidence.

Being Socially Responsive

Explore Tours And while we are in industry to make money, we also have a social responsibility. We have participated in a variety of social and charitable activities.