Meet The Team at Glance Tours And Treks (GTT) Cooperative

Meet The Team of Experts:

Glance Tours And Treks (GTT) Cooperative offers a team that embodies knowledge, kindness, and a willingness to assist with a genuine smile. The team comprises various experts, including tour guides, trekkers, Sherpas, chefs, and assistants, all playing vital roles in the company’s operations. They approach their tasks with great sincerity, ensuring each trip exceeds expectations.

The Crown Jewels: Group Leaders and Guides:

The true gems of the business are the Group Leaders and Guides, whose expertise and dedication make Glance Tours And Treks tours exceptionally successful, leading visitors to return year after year.

Enthusiastic Guides for Himalayan Adventures:

These Enthusiastic Guides for Himalayan Adventures are carefully chosen not only for their ability to enhance every adventure beyond imagination but also for their genuine passion and assurance for the Himalayas, its people, its environment, and the way of travel.

Locally Employed and Culturally Attuned:

Glance Tours & Treks employs the entire team, including porters and guides, from the region, guaranteeing visitors a more authentic experience while also preserving regional customs and traditions.

Fairly Compensated, Kind, and Responsible:

Moreover, team members receive fair compensation and constantly display kindness, watchfulness, and responsibility, creating a welcoming and safe environment for all travelers.

Devoted Employees with Ongoing Training:

GTT further nurtures their dedication by offering essential training and regular knowledge updates, resulting in devoted employees with ongoing training. As a result, the team stands strong, ready to provide exceptional service and unforgettable memories to all those embarking on Himalayan adventures with us.